Teaching machine design & mechanics by jacques maurel

Gears and paradoxical gears

  Text (in French) and photos about:
- Gears pedagogy
- Paradoxical gears
- Mercier differencial


  Explanations (in English) about the paradoxical gears and the Mercier differential.

  Explanations about the
  paradoxical gears.doc

Video showing a paradoxical and normal gearset Z = 1

Video showing a paradoxical gear set, Z= 1, 2, 3

Video showing a paradoxical and normal gearset, Z = 2

Gear witchcraft!

Two teeth gearset with puzzling behaviour

The paradoxical gear explained

The bad gearset

Involute generation from pulleys and belts

Involute gear mechanical behaviour

Involute and rack

Involute gear animation

Multiteeth gearset

Spur gear train external and internal

Epicyclic gear train (type one)

Video showing a ten teeth helical gear with only one tooth remaining showing the driving path given by the helix, and the driving path given by a small slice of the same gear (so equivalent to a spur gear).

Helical gears axial load